Great Plains – Days 12 -15

We leave Boise today for Lethbridge, AB. We drive out through a desolate region of Idaho and stop at the ‎Craters of the Moon National Monument and Preserve. It is a vast lava field that is black. Some vegetation has crept back. It’s spooky.

We make good time along the deserted highway and arrive in Butte, MT. It is a small city nestled between steep colourful hills. All the buildings are one story and visible as there is only a tree here and there. We are up and at it first thing in the morning after the best Best Western breakfast yet.

We continue north and cross the Missouri River again in the most beautiful of canyons. The golden hills are dotted with green trees and the majestic Missouri wanders calmly through them lined with trees and green vegetation. Glacier National Park mountains can be seen on our left. Huzzah!!

We cross into Alberta at Sweet Grass. We get pulled in for a random inspection at Canadian Customs. Oh, oh, we are slightly over on our declared wine import allotment…After a few minutes of tense waiting they hand us back our keys and passport‎s and say you are free to go. It pays to be low risk seniors we figure. Phew!

We arrive at Marie’s brother George’s in Lethbridge. Linda cooks us a wonderful meal as we catch up. It is good to be back in Canada. Their lovely condo is situated at the east end of the Lethbridge Viaduct – the largest train bridge structure in the world – over 1.5 km long and 100 m high over the Oldman River. This place used to be called Fort Whoop-Up for the contraband liquor sales to the Blackfoot nation in the 19th century. We whoop it up a bit over a bit of wine and turn in early.

The next day we visit their son Michael for lunch and Brian for dinner. We visit Henderson Lake Park and hike through the “buttefull” Old Man River basin park. Lot’s of laughs and hugs are in order. The it’s on the road again after a great family visit. Thank you George and Linda!

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