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LePuy France

To all our Family and Friends:

After a long journey we have arrived in LePuy.

Dave left this morning on his Camino walk for the next 10 days.

I am getting settled at theInternational Centre for Sisters of St. Joseph. There are 9 participants from Ottawa including Sister Rosemary our Leader.

There are three Sisters ( Gracie, Line, Kate)hosting us and the hospitality is fabulous as well as the food. We sit for 3 course in house meals served with red wine, breads and creamy cheeses.

Our retreat will commence tonight and we will meet in the mornings for gatherings, prayer and reflections with outings/ sightseeing in afternoons. The purpose of this retreat is the re birthing of the Little Design Community(of which I am a member).During the retreat there will be some quiet/ silent times while in the house.

Of course I will offer yoga and meditation sessions to whoever wants to join me daily.

This is indeed a Pilgrimage for me and I walked 4 hours today with 4 ladies from my group.

Photos and more updates to follow.

Buen Camino

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Leaving Le Puy

I’m leaving Le Puy today. Managed to get internet on the Blackberry but it is pretty compromised.

Off to the pilgrim mass in the Cathedral, then have to get guide books and credential before I leave.

All wente well yesterday. The St Joseph sisters are very welcoming of our group. We were all quite tired but today we will recover.

I can’t believe my 2nd Camino is about to start. Buen Camino!

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Well we’re off

Just getting settled into our flight to Lyon. The trip by train to Dorval airport went very smoothly. 8 ladies and me. We had a light meal and shared a bottle of malbec so we would rest better later.

The airport and flight is crowded with young couples heading to France. Weather forecast for Le Puy is cool (14 deg C) and rainy for the next 2 days but as of Saturday it is supposed to clear up and be sunny all next week.

Le Puy here we come!

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Preparing for the LePuy trip!


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Basque pintxos are delicious gateway to culture and cuisine

This story explains the lure of San Sebastian for us.

Basque pintxos are delicious gateway to culture and cuisine


Seafood reigns in San Sebastián. Whether the popular Gilda pintxo (Basque tapas, or bar snack) made with a salted anchovy, pickled guindilla peppers, a green olive and plenty of olive oil, tortilla de bacalao (cod omelette), or ttoro (fish soup), seafood is prevalent in restaurants and pintxo bars in the seaside city.


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Getting Ready

As we get ready to go, Marie met up with her Little Design friends and practiced her yoga.  Dave did a little hiking.  That’s not snow in the last photo, it’s spring manna falling from the trees.

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Hello.  We have taken the name of this blog from Dave’s Oblate community brothers and sisters who used it recently to describe progress made in their community amalgamation over the past 10 years.  It invokes creating a physical and spiritual path through the walking. It`s more about the journey than the destination.

Our intent is to document our pilgrimage experience to France which will begin shortly.  We plan to send updates as we proceed.  These may include a few photos as we travel but it depends on access to wifi and remembering how to upload the photos.

Our pilgrimage plan:
– Marie is attending a rebirthing of the Little Design Communities at the International Centre of the Sisters of St. Joseph in Le Puy (pronoinced le pwee)
– Dave will hike a week on the Camino de Santiago out of Le Puy
– We then visit the original Oblate prayer house founded by Saint Eugene Mazenod in Aix-en-Province
– Then on to Cathar country, Lourdes and San Sebastion before returning home from Bordeaux

Parlez-vous français?  Il faut en France.

Here is a link to a map of our itinerary:

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