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South East Caribbean Cruise – First Impressions

This is our first cruise on Celebrity (X). First impressions are good. We arrived at the Park ‘N Go at 10 AM and we were on board the Silhouette by 11:25. Only discomfort was that we were asked to wait so some concierge class guests could board ahead of us. Greeted with champagne and smile, we wandered the ship and found the lawn club with real grass growing on the top deck. Heading for the Lido we had a delicious lunch of fish and salads washed down with wine as we have the drink package.

Have met staff from St. Vincent, Mauritius, Indonesia and Goa. All are extremely friendly and helpful. Our cabin seems narrower and deeper with a balcony. The ship holds 2800 passengers and was built in Germany in 2011. It is indeed beautifully engineered with lots of stainless steel and glass. A little sterile in design compared to ships like O’s Marina built in Italy. Passengers are the same demogaphic as us although we might be slightly older than the average age (but younger in spirit!!). We were able to get a reservation in the main dining room for when we wanted. So far so good.

Dinner in the main dining room was great. Prime rib for me and salmon for Marie. Our somelier gave us the whole bottle of red. Then they asked us 3 times if we wanted more. Fantastic food and service. Finished the evening with a little disco dancing at the martini bar. ‎All in all very impressed with X and loving it.

Dave and Marie

(Our condolences to the Devaney family in the loss of Louise and Fr Carl Kelly’s family. We keep you all in our prayers)


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Freemasons and Catholics


Have you ever wondered why Roman Catholics are forbidden to join the Freemasons?  The reason it seems is that the very tenets of Freemasonry, that all religions are equal (including none), its focus on “deism” and its promotion of secularism, are simply incompatible with the Catholic faith.  Hence one cannot claim to be a Catholic and a Freemason at the same time, as their world views are mutually exclusive.

I do not know any Freemasons, but my deceased great-uncle was a Freemason of the Scottish Rite 14th Degree . I have inherited his ring and am not sure what to do with it.  As well, a deceased neighbour was once the Grand Master of the Madawaska Lodge that I pass everyday on my way to swimming.


Scottish Rite 14th Degree Ring. Virtus Junxit, Mors Non Separabit (Virtue has united and death shall not separate) is inscribed on the inside with the name of the Freemason


I do not think Masons are bad people nor do I think there has been a conspiracy to subvert civil society against the Catholic Church to establish nations free from divine monarchy and Church control.  I think the notion of the nation-state with fixed boundaries and separation of church and state came about from forces that far exceeded some men secretly discussing their world view over coffee and brandy.  Nevertheless, the Freemason philosophy and world view is indeed alive and well in Canadian society.

Curious to learn more about the antagoism between this “secret society” and the Catholic Church?  This recent article in the UK Catholic Herald explains it well.


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