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Genealogy for Dummies

I have gradually become more interested in genealogy.  It started a few years back when a cousin on my dad’s side sent me the family genealogy (gedcom) file with over 5000 individuals and data that she had sourced.  Sadly she has passed now but I am very grateful for her research.

I signed up in Wikitree (it’s free) and started adding family member profiles and linking them manually to build my family tree.  I had access to my mother’s files and photos which helped on her side.  I split the (too) large Morgan file to include only the Morgans and their spouses data and uploaded this info to Wikitree.

Here is what I have so far:


And even farther back on the Morgan side:


I also uploaded the large file to and use their tree builder app to explore the family tree data my cousin sent me.  I am still at the free level which limits the research sources I have access to.

I find it fascinating to see the names of direct ancestors going back in time simply identified by date of birth, marriage, kids, death.  Like, did anything else happen? What more is in a life anyway?  Makes me feel connected.  In 200 years will someone ponder over my data in a similar way?

I would like to go even farther back and fill in the gaps.  There is conflicting data whether John Morgan (b 1750) was actually born in the U.S. or came over from Wales.  Any advice or comments from you genealogists out there on how to proceed would be much appreciated.  I guess my next move is to read the manual.




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