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Stress Test Lesson in Mexico

At Ernesto’s Good Grub – Don on right, Heather left back corner

Today after church, we went to Bucerias with Don and Heather for breakfast to thank them for their kindness to us. They have been picking us up, organizing the weekly Ernesto’s dinners, inviting Dave to golf, taking us grocery shopping and including us in their circle of friends at church. They have been coming here since 2006 and are very kind.

We went to the fabulous ‎Delicias Mexicanas restaurant. Things started off badly. We arrived at 11:50 but got no service for 30 minutes as they were really busy. When Juan finally arrived at our table he told us breakfast service was now over and asked would we like lunch? We were a bit upset but went with the flow. Some delicious coffee arrived followed by a great taco salad lunch. Yum.

Afterwards, the owner of the restaurant, a man named Abraham comes by and asks how we are doing. We thank him for the wonderful food. He then tells us his story which is somewhat familiar here.

Abraham had moved from Mexico to California and for 14 years lived the life of a Californian‎ – 2 cars, nice house, conspicuous consumption, go, go, go. He came to realize that his stress level was too high trying to hold it all together. So he returned to Mexico … and started up this very successful restaurant here.

Now, he ‎says his stress level is much lower, he is relaxed, having fun and even makes more money. Listen to your body and follow your dream was his implied advice. When I remarked that he has a very biblical name, he said yes, but that he is only the father of one child, not billions. We all had a good laugh and he let me take his photo. Thanks Abraham for the life lesson and Don and Heather for all your kindness


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What are Mexicans Like?

We’ve all heard how Mexico is a dangerous place to visit. Well, after several months here in now our 3rd year, we can report by way of anecdotes and observations, what Mexicans are really like.

Yesterday we took a cab home with our groceries. The driver invited Dave to sit in the front passenger seat for the extra leg room. He soon asked our names, where we were from, how many grandkids we ‎had, etc. Dave asked him the same questions. It turns out it was his birthday so we sung happy birthday to him. He pointed to a copy of the Bible he had on his dash saying this is his God. We had a ball and he taught us some Spanish on the short ride home.

On a Friday pm, our electricity was suddenly cut off in the condo. Turns out the owner had not paid the electricity bill on time. Our property manager got involved‎. The bill was paid quickly but it was too late to get the service man back to turn on the power. So she drove us to another (5*+) condo where we spent the night free of charge. In the morning she arranged for the power to be restored and all was well again.

Playing golf the other day, we noticed that the foursome in front of us‎ had 2 cadies when only 1 is needed. Our Mexican caddy explained to us that the group were rich Mexicans who like everything handed to them and that futhermore, they usually don’t tip like you nice Canadians (and Americans) do.

Whenever we go to Vidanta, the huge Disney like timeshare resort nearby, the staff always salute you when passing by touching their heart and saying hola. Even on the street outside, Vidanta employees on their way to and from work and construction workers make this kind gesture. It is very likely a marketing ploy Vidanta trains its empoyees and contractors to do. Very nice. But we have also been told stories by timeshare owners of law suits because they did not get what was promised them. We have noticed Mexicans like to tell you what you want to hear, especially when it comes to sales.

Mexicans we have met here are scrupulously honest (e.g., a taxi driver brought my backpack back), dedicated, hard working, family oriented and fun loving. They appreciate our tourist presence. They are humble. There are exceptions of course. We feel extrememly safe and privileged to experience their beautiful country, their culture, and the best weather ever.

“Faith is the assurance of things hoped for, the conviction of things not seen.”. Heb. 11.1

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