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What 2017 was for us

The highlight was Kyle and Ashley’s wedding in May in Winnipeg.  Everything went superbly.  Family and friends enjoyed sharing the special day with the newly weds and wished them a long and happy marriage.


Prior to that we spent the winter in Fort Myers and had more visits with family and friends than in Arnprior.  The weather was superb.


On our way home we went on a Panama Canal Cruise that was fun and interesting.


The summer in Arnprior was great.  We had some interlock work done at the front.  Marie played bridge while Dave golfed.  Swims in the river followed by patio dinners were frequent.



In September we went to Pembroke for Fiddlefest.  Then it was off to Pickering in for our annual Oblate Associate retreat.



Dave led an Oblate Associate formation session in the fall for Marie and two others.  Marie led a series of yoga classes at Galilee that Dave and others attended.  Kyle and Ashley came home for two whirlwind visits.  All the family got together.


Before we knew it, we were on our way to Florida again, but not before another fab cruise in the Caribbean.


We truly thank God for all his blessings and gifts in 2017.


So now it’s time to get ready for what 2018 has in store.





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