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Bucerias (boosairreeus) is a town in the NE corner of Banderas Bay about 6 km along the beach from our place in Nuevo Nayarit. It is also known as “BCrias” as there are a lot of Canadians from BC here in winter. The other day we paid a visit.

Known for it’s cobblestone streets, fab restaurants, authentic Mexican culture and festivals, it is becoming more chic. We bused down to the new walking path at the end of our street and walked the 20 min trail. Along the way we chatted with someone who said Bucerias is all different now and will be gone by next year.

The first place we came to is the beautiful Royal Decameon all-inclusive resort. Such gorgeous colours, it is huge and very inviting. ‎We continued on downtown and the construction noise and dust soon began. There are several high rise condos under constuction. Even a nice boutique hotel we stepped into had major renovations going on with grinding and dust. The old wooden foot bridge to the market is being replaced with concrete and steel.

Yes, the Bucerias of the past is no more as it transforms itself to a trendy beach front resort town with upscale boutiques and fewer local vendors. We walked through the square and looked into Nossa Senora de la Pax church. Beautiful, peaceful and timeless. No change here. Each year there is a huge religious festival named after the church with brass bands, dancing horses, endless food stalls, toys and kids everywhere. Sadly it was cancelled again this year due Covid.

We went on to Fat Boys seafood restaurant on the beach for lunch‎. It was worth it. Fabulous fish and fajitas, great friendly service, right on the beach! It was really relaxing after all the noise and dust. We lingered before slowly walking back on the beach to the square. We hailed an Uber and headed for home, satisfied after a great outing. It is indeed a changing world and Mexico is caught up in it too.

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