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Choosing Love

In yesterday’s  RC gospel readings we are tought by Jesus to love thy enemy and to turn the other cheek when struck by an enemy. Treat an enemy like you want to be treated yourself.

What to make of this following the brutal killing of hundreds of civilians in Egypt, Lebanon and France alledgedly by ISIS terrorists.

Mitch Pacwa, SJ in his homily yesterday reminds us that anger and vengeance are emotions. Love and hate are choices. If we react in vengeance, we are feeding our ego and gain nothing. In fact we lower ourselves to the values or religious beliefs of the enemy, whatever they may be.

When we make a concious choice to love, yes even our enemies, we are following Jesus teaching. We still must and should protect ourselves against evil.

Let us hope that Canada can lead with love now and show the world the way to lasting peace for all.

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