Great Plains – Days 10 – 11

We reach the terminus of our western journey in Boise (boysee), Idaho. Dave’s friend Greg and his wife Brenda live here in the summer. Dave and Greg met in 1974 in Vancouver when they both worked at Ioco Refinery in Port Moody. They became friends and kept in touch ever since. Greg and Brenda live in La Quinta, CA the rest of the year.

The first day we catch up on our lives and reminisce about the good old days. The next day, we tour Boise located on the Boise River. We are further west here than the eastern BC border. Oregon is only 30 min away.

We walk in various parks in Boise. It is a clean, modern city with lot’s of flowers and friendly people. We have a great steakedinner with Rudy their English cocker spaniel calmly looking on.

Did I mention we bought 15 lbs of Idaho russet potatotes. They taste great! On the way in we saw fields and fields of potatoes growing, being harvested into dump trucks and being transported on the highway in huge semi-trailer trucks. There is a place in town we went where you have a choice of 5 or 6 different types of potato to be cooked up as frys. Yum, love those tators!

It’s time to head north to Canada as our road trip west has now ended.‎ Marie and I are having a great time on this pilgrimage trip. From Best Western breakfasts to visiting with friends and relatives. Thanks for traveling with us so far!



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