Great Plains – Days 16 – 17

Only a few more‎ days to go on this pilgrimage you will be happy to know…

We drive from Lethbridge to Saskatoon. It is raining for the first time on the trip but the sun comes out after Swift Current. There are more and more wheat farms, elevators and terminals as we go. We descend a hill and as we cross a small lake we notice thousands of white dots floating on the lake. There must have been 5000 of them. ‎ These are snow geese on there way south we learn.

Arriving at Marie’s brother Rick’s in Saskatoon is most enjoyable. He and wife Gaylene roll out the red carpet for us. Over a great dinner we catch up and reminisce. Their daughter Angela drops over with her family. We have a great time seeing them again.

The next day we visit Queens House an Oblate Retreat Centre. We tour the facility and marvel at the beautiful chapel and prayer room. We chat with Brendan the Director and then walk down to the S. Saskatchewan. It’s cold but sunny. We have time to visit the Sask Berry Farm and pick up some jam. Then it’s off to tour the Canadian Light Source. It is one of the largest research centres in Canada. The light produced is fast moving electrons that are used in applied health, agriculture, environmental and materials research. E,g, they have found a way of converting A and B blood types to O here.

We finish our great day with Rick and Gaylene at a Greek restaurant.‎ The trees are in their prime colour, there is a snap in the air. This is Saskatchewan in the Fall. We love it.

Dave and Marie

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