CEX Day 3 – 4 Prague

Day 3
We walk from our apartment to our hotel – it’s 5 blocks only. We are checked in and unpacked by 10h00. Dave heads for the pool.‎ Later, we head out for the Charles Bridge. We walk across the Vltava River on the Manesuv bridge and make our way to St. Nicolas church, a baroque beauty. We walk back across the Charles pedestrian bridge lined with statues of saints. The views are stunning. We find some wine and beer and retreat to our room. Walking on uneven cobblestones is tiring.

We connect with the cruise group and meet up with our friends Glenn and Betty Clarke. We have dinner at a nearby restaurant and retire early

Day 4
Guided tour. ‎Stalin Bust memorial being repaired. Prague Castle, residence of Prime Minister. 9th century, later Hapsburg palace. One of the biggest in the world, owned by Boston family. Cathedral of St. Vitus 1300, Hapsburg crypt. Painted glass window by Mucha. Hapsburgs lived here from 1508 to 1800. Maria Theresa, Austrian became queen. 16 children including Marie Antoinette. Hapsburg Catholics clash with Protestant majority setting off the 30 years war. Velvet revolution, Vaclav Havel brings Czech into NATO.

Puppet play ‎at old town astronomical clock, 1410. Revamping of mechanism over the years. Time is depicted in 3 different ways. Lower clock with saints. Jewish ghetto. 13th century Synagogue. $8K monthly rental apartment above Gucci store.

St James Church – wow!! Church of our Lady Before Tyn wow! I notice astronomer Tycho Brahe’s headstone in front of the altar. We walk through the Jewish quarter and site of the 1941 deportation to the nearby Terezin death camp. The streets are crowded with many nationalities speaking softly. Back at our hotel we run into friends Mike and Susan Issa from Ottawa who just happen to be in Prague right now. We walk a few blocks together and wish them a good trip.

In the evening we have a great Czech dinner (pork, duck) with the Clarke’s at the Kokolvone restaurant and lots of Urquel beer.‎ A great end to a great day!

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