Central European Experience Day 1-2 Prague

Day 1
We leave beautiful Poland today. At checkout we are handed a bag lunch for the road. The attendant thanks us again for coming to Poland. I respond that we are all Polish. We say our goodbyes to our fellow pilgrims.

We take a cab to our mini-bus which will take us to our train to Prague.‎ We have time to walk a bit and have a coffee. We arrive in Ostrava, Czech Republic. The language, the currency and the faces of the people change. Somehow we find the right train. On through yellow fields of canola, green forested hills and chocolate villages we go.

We arrive in Prague the “splendour of Europe”‎. Our apartment is above the Dubliner Prague pub. We are steps from the old town square. After exploring the cobblestone streets crowded with tourists we have beer and dinner in the pub. We meet a young man from the U.S. on tour filming a clown. We sleep 10 hrs!!

Day 2
We wander the pedestrian streets and find the Intercontinental Hotel where are river boat cruise starts from tomorrow. We walk along the river and marvel at the boats and architecture.‎ We have a goulash and dumpling lunch complete with apple strudel.

In the evening we go up in the clock tower in the square and take some photos. The view is awesome. There are many Asiatic tourists here in contrast with Poland where there were none. The churches here tend to be closed except for concerts and once a day masses. While we like the western culture here we wonder about the long-term.‎

The Urquel pilsener beer is ‎awesome too!

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