Day 5 – 6 – Germany

Day 5
Prague Secrets walking tour: Nov 17 1939 Nazis close universities and send student leaders to prison/death camp. Nov 17/ communists beat Prague students.‎ 1991 Velvet Revolution. Dvorak becomes 1st conductor Czech Orchestra. 19th century building :HQ, Jesuit Monastery after Dominicans left. huge building took 140 years to build. Agnostic country but Prague youth attend Mass here due skilled Priest. Oldest cobble stones 1160. Patron saint of lawyers who looked after the poor. St Francis of Xavier statue on Charles Bridge. If you want your love to last, couples place a lock on a romantic place. King is thrown over the bridge by Church. Maltese Knights Order mill and residence. 1968 invasion of Czech by Warsaw Pact countries to quell “liberalism”. Czechs feared the reunification of Germany in 1990. Now they revere Germany and fear Putin. Kind Charles IV monuments everywhere. St Nicolas Church in lesser town now a Baroque museum. Slovaks separate from the Czechs in 1993. “Pravda Vitezi” – Truth Prevails in coat of arms. Helena our tour guide does a great job. We have time for 1 more Urquel before hitting the road for Nuremberg.

We arrive at the Avalon ‎Artistry II on the Main-Danube Canal. We walk on, receive a complimentary drink and are in our cabin within 15 min. Later we have a great dinner – perch. The wine flows, we feel great. In the morning we awake with the sun peeking under the shade. Our cabin is small but comfortable.

Day 6
Bamberg, the Rome of Germany, is built on 7 hills.Was not bombed during WWII. 50% of residents are enrolled Catholics. World Heritage site. River Falls steeply so 20 water wheel powered wood mills at one point. We walk up the narrow streets to the‎ Domberg Cathedral and Bishop’s Palace. We see St. Michael’s Monastery further up.

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