Inner Journey – Anza-Borrego Desert

A Horse with No Name – America

We had been on the road now over 3 weeks heading mostly south west. It was now time to turn east and slowly meander in that direction. We made a bee line for Anza-Borrego Desert State Park, about and hour north east of San Diego.

We had had a sneak preview of what to expect with friends Cindy and Marvin. We were anxious to go “boondocking” which means camping off the grid far from the services and amenities provided in RV parks or established campgrounds. We were not sure if it was allowed so after driving down the main street of Borrego Springs we headed out of town for 30 minutes until we found a dirt road and turned on to it. Continuing for another 10 minutes or so we came to a rocky hill with a nice view back towards the valley. We decided to camp right there. Here is what we saw.

It was one of the most memorable camping experiences we had in the Trekker. Utter silence except for a light wind. Pure clean desert air, the light gradually fading. No one around us for miles – actually we could see one other boondocker about half a km away so we felt safe here. An extremely peaceful event in touch with mother earth and the natural cycles of nature.

The next day we arose early and after breakfast drove back to towards town. After checking things out, going for a hike to see the wildflowers in bloom, we bought some souvenirs and checked into the State Park campground for the night.

After two days in the desert sun our skin began to turn red.

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