Inner Journey – Socal

We drove south from Oceanside along the coast of Socal – Southern California. We remember seeing so many little boutique retreat centres. We passed place after place where yoga, Zen Buddhist, Christian, Indian, healthy lifestyle and similar workshops were available daily. Places like Solana Beach, Delmar, Torrey Pines – state parks, beaches and campgrounds. What a great place to live we thought as we continued our way along the coast.

We came to San Diego and checked into an RV resort park. We went exploring the Old Town, the US Naval Air Station and Coronado beach areas. There was lots to see. We met up with Marie’s friend Cindy and husband Marvin who live in San Diego. They were avid outdoor hikers and promised to take us to a place that would truly take our breath away.

So the next day we left early together for a desert hike – this time towards Anza-Borrego Desert Park, about 90 km east of San Diego. We took some back roads noticing border patrol vehicles everywhere since we were only a few miles from Mexico. Cindy and Marvin directed us to a high ridge overlooking the desert. It truly took our breath away. The foggy mist of the coast literally evaporated above our heads as it could not penetrate into the dry air ahead. It was into the sunshine we gazed in awe at the stunning beauty of the California desert in springtime.

Cindy and Marvin

They took us on a fantastic hike up a mountain gorge as far as we could safely go. It was tricky in places – we really had to watch our footing. It was a secret place that only the locals know about. We reached a large clump of huge dried out palm trees of a kind that we had never quite seen before. Marie and Cindy did sun salutations as Marvin and I chatted in the shade. What a treasure of a day never soon to be forgotten.

Later we returned to San Diego for our last night on the west coast. We were getting anxious to push on again.


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3 responses to “Inner Journey – Socal

  1. Loved this. I remember quite a few years ago when three friends and myself drove from Phoenix AZ to San Diego – through the lower part of the desert – in it’s own way so beautiful and then we drove up the coast a bit. Returned to our friends’ place in Phoenix and then we came home to Ottawa. Loved that visit.

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  2. albert bursey

    Well, here we are Ten yrs. or so since I and DW Joanne loss sight of you when you and Dave first set out on your road trips. Man, you guys covered a lot of the US and Mx. ‘et al’. Fantastic pics and lovely renditions of all those places you viisited. Your blog is a great story of all those adventures plus the fine folks you met along the way. Please keep in touch. Cous. Al and Jo.


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