Camino 2010 – Burgos to Castrojeriz (Rainy Days 11 – 12)

Well we finally ran into some rain.  We had had a few sprinkles before but on this day it rained heavily in the morning.  We were prepared.  Marie had a waterproof suit she had acquired in Banff, AB and I had my rain jacket and waterproof rain pants.  In addition we had waterproof covers for our backpacks.  So we made the best of it and stayed pretty dry.  Rain gear is indispensable on the Camino.  We were blessed that we did not have much rain the whole time.

It was a long walk to get out of busy Burgos – it took an hour.  When we got back into the country side it felt really good – like being home again, even in the rain.  We were walking 21 km today to Hornillos del Camino, pop. 100.  The rain did not last long and we were walking in the sun with clouds before long.  Marie’s new pack was lighter and she was pleased with it.

We staid in the 32 bed albergue pictured above.  It certainly was easy to find. We washed our clothes and put them out to dry but it started raining again. We brought them in next to the fire place.  Some refugios had a laundry sink but many did not.  So daily we washed our clothes usually by placing them on the shower floor and stomping on them while showering with soap suds falling on them.  It works!

This refugio had a canteen where we bought baguette, sardines, peanuts for the next day’s lunch.  They had a café too where we had a pilgrims del dia meal.  Very convenient and rustic.  We met Rafael from Brazil for the first time here – a good looking and popular young man.  He was from San Paulo.  Also Eva from Germany and many other Germans were here.

Sun’s out again

The next morning we set our sights on Castrojerez, pop. 1000 some 21km away.  It was raining a bit again.  We ran into a muddy trail and it went on for a few km!  We kept laughing thru it all though and found a nice place to stop for café con leche.  The rain stopped or at least let up for awhile.

We made it to Castrojerez, a lovely little town but had some trouble finding the Alguergue San Esteban, as it wasn’t well marked. We did spend a restful night there and felt rejuvenated in the morning.  Thanks be to God.

Those are my poles there – we were dismayed at this staircase at the end of the day!


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  1. Appearing to be no worst for wear.All those different meals would cause me awful indigestion.You guys are amazing.

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