Camino 2010 – Viloria to Burgos (Days 9 – 10)

We hiked to Villafranca Montes de Oca on Day 8, about a distance of 21 km.  Strangely I do not remember much about this day.  Luckily Marie took notes. We decided to stay in the Hotel San Anton Abad which was a cross between a real hotel and an alberque if we remember correctly.  Here are a few pics from that day.  Crumbling buildings, old monasteries, small churches and cured meat.  It was freezing in our dorm.  A young lady walked in named Ainsley and exclaimed “Holy f**k it’s cold in here. She was from Edmonton and we are still connected on Facebook. We had an interesting dinner.  Dave invited a lady from Milan to join us and she walked out halfway through and left us with her bill.  A few bottles of wine later we had forgotten about the whole incident.

Hallway to the dining room in our hotel
Outside our hotel room

We got up the next day and set an aggressive goal – Burgos.  However it was some 37 km away so we took a bus.  Next to Pamplona, Burgos was the biggest city we had traversed – 170,000 inhabitants.  Wow we thought, civilization again.

Nicole and her daughter Lydia from Quebec

Burgos is an historic and hectic city.  It is home to the Cathedral of St Mary a beautiful gothic structure dating from 1221.  We spent a lot of time looking inside and out.  It was right around the corner from the 110 bed municipal alburgue we stayed in.

Coming into Burgos
El Cyd the famous Crusader
Cathedral of St Mary of Burgos

We decided to take a break.  Marie’s pack was proving too heavy and cumbersome so we found a store and she bought a new lighter one.  We sent her old pack ahead by post to our hotel in Santiago.  A note on weight. Marie’s loaded pack weighed 14 to 15 lbs and mine was 18 to 19 lbs.  They recommend that your pack weigh less than 10% of your body weight.  Particularly at the start, we saw people with huge packs, hanging fry pans, extra shoes, clothes etc. that they were soon shedding.  We each carried a change of clothes, a pair of flip flops for the evenings, extra socks, a couple of small devotional books, camera and charger, toiletries, rain gear and a warm sweatshirt  I carried both our lightweight sleeping bags and a roll of TP.  That was it.  It was all we needed.

The dollar store (0.6 Euro = 1 US$) LOL!

We had a cubby hole to ourselves at the large refugio and I remember the huge pile of boots at the door.  A Danish man came over and asked to borrow our plastic wine glasses.  I remember Kim from S. Korea was there and popped over to say hi. We had a good time in Burgos.


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