Semana Santa


“Abandonment is the supreme expression of love, this giving of oneself to the divine will, which is the total gift of our very selves. This heroic attitude formed from inexpressible trust in God’s Love, from perfect self-renunciation and from loving generosity, is the pinnacle of love.”
Venerable Concepcion Cabrera de Armida                                                              (Wife, mother and writer in Mexico)

We are still in NV and have been hearing about Semana Santa – Holy Week for sometime. Mexicans (there are some 20 million living in cities just a few hours away, flood to ‎PV and NV for 2 weeks of holiday, beach and family time.  Schools are closed for 2 weeks.  The wise we are told, get out-of-town before it is too late.


Apparently there will be huge traffic jams, shortages of food, cash and gas. Church bells will compete with party revellers in one non stop loud and boisterous Mexican mash-up of the spiritual and the physical.  It is a really big religious week here!!!

At Palm Sunday Mass today with 700 Mexicans, we felt the Mexican spirit. Mexicans have not forgotten the mystery of life. Young and old flock to Church here not because they have to but because they want to. You can see respect, joy, calmness‎, love and kindness in their eyes. No one is in a hurry. The Mass lasts over 90 minutes and could go on forever.

On the way in we buy a woven palm frond. There is an entrance processional with people lining the aisles and the Priest sprinkles holy water on all as we wave our palms. The words Viva Christo Rei echo through the church and we bow and join in.


There are no chocolate eggs or Easter Bunny in Mexico.  Instead people will crack cascarones over each other – colourful egg shells filled with confetti. There are large stations of the Cross processions out doors on Good Friday. The city is packed, the hills in the country side call out – Viva Christo Rei!

We all abandon our selves, bow and join in.

Welcome to Semana Santa everyone.



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  1. Great review of thee spirituality of the Mexican people as found in their Holy Week adhesion.


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