Mexico by the numbers


This is not what you think it says, just like Mexico is not what you think it is…

Well we have completed our 2019 sojourn to Nuevo Vallarta and are looking forward to returning next winter. Our 8th floor condo looked out on the beach and pools and was like being on a cruise ship that never went anywhere. Best cabin we ever had.

We have been blown away by the overall beauty of the place, particularly the weather and beach. It is the cleanest beach we have seen save perhaps for Florida panhandle barrier island‎ beaches.  The Mexican people are gentle and polite and seem very happy that we and thousands of others are here.

Yes it seems to say Arnprior Hockey.  Bizarre!

Some challenges. Toll free phone numbers to Canada often do not work.‎ It is a different banking system here but hey so is the US. It is mostly a “credit card” free society and cash rules. The locals are always parading stuff unsolicited for you to buy (but quickly smile and leave when you decline).  The price of golf here is almost 2 x Arnprior prices but 30% cheaper than in FL. Great courses here I must add.  Dave misplaced his bank card and we got locked out of the condo one night, lol.
Love the pedestrian society.  We have not driven a car in nearly 3 months, relying on our feet, busses and taxis. This is very healthy, refreshing and good for the environment given our “knee jerk” use of cars back home.  We had no trouble with the water or food.  Also lived comfortably without an automatic dishwasher!
The entrepreneurial spirit of the Mexicans is to be admired. It seems everyone is operating a small business to rent or sell you something.  ‎For example the “collectivo” 10-12 passenger mini-busses that roar around to take you quickly everywhere are small businesses – the faster he goes, the more the driver makes lol!  Milk in a box that stores for months is a joy here.  Love those Lime scooters!
The prices of food and restaurant meals here are cheaper than in Canada and way cheaper than in the US. The rental accommodation is world-class beach front and cheaper than Florida for the equivalent. There are more Canadians than Americans here and for many good reasons it seems.    We had many visits with friends from home plus enjoyed meeting a growing number of snowbird friends who winter here every year.  Jessica our property manager looked after us extremely well.  We even got to meet her mother, brother and son.
So here goes our ratings for another swell trip:
Nights here: 78
Kms walked: 400+
Busses taken: 50+
Taxis taken: 20+
Yoga classes: 60+
Restaurant meals: 30+
Concerts (jazz, classical, live shows): 10
Stair flights walked up: 45 x 8 floors
Best night: Andales Bar in PV where we danced and sang “Who the xxx is Alice?)
Best meal: tapas at Marival Residence Sky Bar in NV
Best Mexican meal: tacos al pastor at Ponchos in PV
Books read: (Marie 5, Dave 7)
Cloudless sunsets into the ocean: 50+
Laps swum in the pool: 300+
Swims in the ocean: 25
Days of rain: 1
Cloudy days: 6
Ave high/low: 28/17
Weather 10/10
Beach 10/10
Condo location 10/10
Condo 9.5/10 (another bdrm/bthrm would be handy)
Cleanliness of the hood: 10/10
‎People: 9.5/10
Food: 9.5/10
Transportation 10/10
Our rental agent Jessica 10/10
Church experience 10/10
Overall experience/value 9.75/10
Hence as you can see, we are very satisfied and highly recommend Nuevo Vallarta.  But remember, don’t walk on the grass in Mexico – No pisar el pasto favour!  Mexico Si!
Dave and Marie

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