For some reason have always wanted to come here known as the spice island for its nutmeg and mace. First impressions are good. St George’s does not look overly commercialized, but in relatively good shape that time has passed it by a bit. White, pink and yellow buildings with red tile roofs. I can here a man’s voice, I think he is singing. The crow of roosters can be heard. A church bell chimes, then another one. Multiple steep pointed hills ‎covered in green. They had a major hurricane in 2004 and the island was flattened. They have rebuilt it since then.

In 1979 a Marxist-Leninist goverment under Maurice Bishop was established here after a coup. In 1983 an even more hard core communist government was established after another coup. The U.S. under Regan invaded Grenada and ousted the communists after 7 weeks. The invasion was strongly condemmed by the U.N.. No visible evidence of any of this now.

We take a water taxi to ‎Grand Anse Beach. It’s a 2 mile stretch of blond sand, quiet clear waters – indeed one of the nicest beaches in the Caribbean. We spend the heart of the day walking the beach and swimming. We do some shopping and after take a local bus back. What a ride with music and the horn blaring all the way! The young man on board tells me they are very development oriented. If you keep positive, stay out of trouble, things work out for you here. Everyone seems vey happy, friendly and calm. This is our best day yet!

Marie buys some spices and I a shirt. We meet a little boy named O’Rian who is gorgeous. As we leave a full moon comes out and the town clock strikes 6 o’clock, the start of Advent. This has to be one of the best gems of the whole trip. Thank you Lord ‎for all your gifts and blessings. Protect Grenada and it’s lovely people.

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