Day 4 – At Sea

A lazy day at sea before 6 islands straight. A great day to pontificate. Is cruising a good or bad thing?

On the con side, it is aimless self indulging wandering, burning up bunker fuel, over eating and drinking, taking advantage of cheap 3rd world labour, polluting the seas etc. Just building the ship itself consumed so much energy, caused massive waste and pollution. Some passengers feel overly entitled, are rude and don’t do lineups well (not on this cruise so far). Staff working 7 mos. straight without a day off exposes social and economic disparities and promotes stereotype thinking. Secularism gone wild and it’s expensive. Some have a phobia of ships and the sea.

On the pro side, massive amounts of employment is provided for 3rd world people, particularly youth. The pay rate is sufficient to attract them and many send money home. People of all nations and races mix and see how others look and act. Money is transferred to destination ports and many people benefit economically. Guests and staff get to see beautiful parts of the world they would never otherwise see, sample ethnic foods, learn something new, fall in love Dreams are fufilled, families are having fun, busy people relax and take a break, wives don’t cook and clean. No grass or snow to tend etc. Most importantly one can wander the world and contemplate it’s beauty and mystery. Mankind is destined to wander, explore and dream (think of Cabot, Cabral, LaSalle and Columbus et al.).

In the end it’s a personal choice that more and more people seem to be choosing. This is our 14th cruise. We prefer ocean cruising as the pace is calmer and the public spaces on board are simply fantastic.

Went to the Porch out door sea food specialty restaurant – jumbo garlic shrimp, ceviche, sea bass, lobster tails, mussels, ‎scallops – as much as we could eat washed down with as much Spanish bodega white wine as we could drink. Probably the best seafood meal we have ever eaten. Our waitress Olena from Ukraine kept urging us to have more. The restaurant manager from Bosnia asked us twice how we were doing and explained the importance of training they do for new staff. Best dinner yet. Wow!

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