Daze 2 – 3

We arrive at Coco Cay the small private island owned by RCL. There is hazy sunshine as we tender in. Have been here 10 years ago. 3 or 4 small crescent beaches with lots of chairs and beach equipment rentals. HAL’s Half Moon Cay is much nicer we think. I walk the beach while Marie reads. I see a live conch and a black sting ray. It clouds over and stays cool. We have a BBQ lunch with rose wine. Have a great conversation with Courtley from Guyana. We head back to the ship by 1:30. I hit the pool.

The only disappointments so far are the weather (not sunny yet) and the fact you can’t walk fully around the promenade deck (it’s blocked off at either end) nor sit outside on it. Many of the older ships allow you to walk a full lap right around the ship and sit out there in a deck chair close to the water. ‎ No big deal as the walking track on deck 14 is really nice.

We attend the Cruisecritic social and meet Siobahn and Rick from Pembroke and some of the ship’s officers. We are en route to Antigua having skipped Puerto Rico due to hurricane damage. We had wanted to go there to meet some Oblates and offer help.‎ We see there are dancing lessons in the lobby and make a note for tomorrow. The sun comes out at noon and we hit the pool deck.

Dinner of duck and lamb and wine. Followed by the show of dancers amd singers and a stand up comedian. So so. We hit bed exhausted again.

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