Celebrating Life


When we are born we become free to breathe on our own but lose the safety of our mother’s body; when we go to school we are free to join a greater society but lose a particular place in our family; when we marry we find a new partner but lose the special tie we had with our parents; when we find work we win our independence by making our own money but lose the stimulation of teachers and fellow students; when we receive children we discover a new world but lose much of the freedom to move; when we are promoted we become more important in the eyes of others but lose the chance to take many risks; when we retire we finally have the chance to do what we want but lose the support of being wanted.
When we have been able to celebrate life in all these decisive moments where gaining and losing – that is, life and death – touched each other all the time, we will able to celebrate even our own dying because we have learned from life that those who lose it can find it (cf. Matt. 16:25).
Henry Nouwen
Creative Ministry c1991

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  1. Lydia Ritchie

    A beautiful picture and words of wisdom from Creative Ministry!!! 🙂

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