Getting Ready for the New Year

What better way to get ready for the New Year’s celebration but a trip to the theatre just down the road.


…to see…


It was a great live dance road show.  Not the competition we see on TV.  The professional dancers danced their hearts out for us and told us their individual stories.  Several were from poor families in Russia, Ukraine and South Africa.  The common thread was their parents believed in them and gave them the support and encouragement they needed when they needed it.  In some cases like the dancer below, they had to overcome an abusive situation to persevere and succeed.


Shawna was captivating


The popular Val dances up a storm


2016 amateur winner Laurie Hernandez takes a bow

It was hard to get in as the event had been sold out for weeks.  The last day a few tickets became available so we were able to go.  It was a great evening!


Marie is now checking out the yoga schedule for January.  Pass times for Dave include golf.  There is an executive par 3 course just a few kilometers away that has some great discounted rates.  Dave has played there twice so far meeting some nice people and enjoying the beauty and wildlife.




And of course there was time for another trip to the beach. There are 4 beaches within 30 min: Fort Myers (best people watching), Bunche Beach (best tranquility), Sanibel Island (best shelling) and Cape Coral Yacht Club (best parties).



At Bunche Beach

We then headed to our local go-to pub for half price pizza night as we get ready for New Year’s.



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3 responses to “Getting Ready for the New Year

  1. Lydia Ritchie

    Happy New Year Marie & Dave,
    You know how to live!!!
    Good for you!!!
    Lydia & Tony xo

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  2. No Florida this year for us except boarding a ship in Fort Lauderdale for 14 nights! Paul

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