Christmas in Florida


We made it to Florida on Dec 17 unscathed.  We welcomed the return of the warm sun and the gorgeous foliage and summer smells.  The weather has been spectacular – setting some all time high temperatures in December and being the warmest place in North America north of Mexico.

Our 2 bdrm. condo is delightful and fully equipped.  Everything is clean and well thought out by the owner.  She was very helpful in quickly getting us hooked up to internet and answering our questions.  We are very pleased.


Christmas here we go


View from the lanai


100 steps to the pool

We hit the beaches and pool.  In the days leading up to Christmas there was absolutely no traffic.  We went to Sanibel Island (20 min), Fort Myers Beach (15 min) and Cape Coral beach (10 min).  There is only one other couple staying in our 8 condo building at present.


Our little lake – ducks, muscovy, ibis, green heron and anhingas abound


The Pool

We made it to church on Christmas Eve – it was packed.  A 10 piece choir ensemble complete with pounding organ, violins and much volume added to the beautiful service.  It is good to be back in this place – Church of the Resurrection.

Church of the Resurrection

On Christmas morning we opened a few gifts and then headed to Fort Myers Beach.  Thinking everything is closed, parking will be free etc… were we wrong.  It seems the thing to do in Fort Myers on Christmas day is go to the beach.  It was as crowded as March Break.




We enjoyed a great day and headed home to call Kyle and text Michelle.  All was well with our loved ones and they were having a great Christmas too.  Looking forward to Michelle and Tim’s visit with the boys in Feb and to Kyle and Ashley’s wedding in May.

Had a surprise visitor – Marie’s nephew Bradley drove down from Inglewood.  He is on holiday there with his wife.  Marie’s brother Kevin will be coming down for a visit and we will do New Years together.

In general Christmas by our standards is low key here.  There are a few decorations and lights around.  We were not inundated with flyers, sales, Boxing day etc.  They don’t even do boxing day here – it’s an English thing.  Anyway, no complaints.  Bye for now.




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3 responses to “Christmas in Florida

  1. Merry Christmas Dave and Marie – looks like you are both in your element down there. Wishing you peace and love as we move towards the New Year.


  2. Roy Boucher

    Hi! David and Marie …

    Sounds like you’re having a SUPER time in the sun. I think of you often and whenever I do I whisper a prayer for you both. I had a wonderful Christmas and despite the snow and cold I’ve been enjoying these Yuletide quiet days.

    Bits of news: Ernst, of the NDdeC Oblates at Springhurst, died in his sleep last night. The parishioners of the German Oblate parish in Ottawa will miss him. He celebrated his 50th of priesthood when I did and has been pastor there all his life. Pat Shaw is hospitalized with heart problems that the specialist say are too complicated and risky for them to proceed with surgery. Despite this upsetting news, she remains her usual serene and cheerful self. Chris Rushton has been transferred to a palliative care unit in Hamilton and is getting weaker by the day.

    Let’s keep each other in prayer as we begin a New Year.

    In Emmanuel’s love, always.


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    • Dear Fr. Roy, thank you for all the news. We are glad to hear you are well but saddened by the news of others who are not so well at this time. We really appreciate your prayers and will pray for you and the others you mention. Thanks again for your surprise visit just before we left and the special gift. We had a great time with Marie’s brother Kevin, Phyllis his wife, Brad their son and wife Heather for New Years. You have a room down here anytime you want to come. Bye for now and God Bless,

      Dave and Marie


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