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Marie and I attended the 41st annual Fiddlefest in Pembroke, ON on the Labour Day weekend.  It was a lot of fun.  Our good friends the Clarkes have been coming since 1983.  We joined them and partook in the beautiful family like experience that this event has become for us.

Amateur musicians- fiddlers, guitar players, bass players, mandalin, piano, singers and celtic dancers come to Fiddle Park by the hundreds to sing, play, dance, joke and party.  The way it works is that different venues establish themselves around the various RV sites in the park.  Roaming musicians drop in for a few songs here and a few songs there to perform with each other for the shear love of the music.  There is a fee for camping of course but walk in entry and the music is all free!


A random gathering in the day


Maggie and Debbie welcome a newcomer to start off


More musicians come


And more


Mini Pearl makes an appearance


We adjourn and wander around  bit


Then return for a nightcap singalong

There is lot’s more to do in beautiful Pembroke too – like visit the farmers market for some fresh produce or home made preserves.


Meet up with friends and see some neat cars.



Rest up a bit before the fun begins again.  I am goin’ to learn me a song or two for next year. We most highly recommend this best of the Ottawa Valley event.








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  1. Well said Dave! Hopefully, next year you will take your guitar and play a few tunes. It’s a fabulous site to grow musically.😍


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