Singing the Peg’s Praises

Those of you from Winnipeg, please correct me if I have understated anything that follows.

Just back from a great trip to “The Peg”, we are singing its praises. In the course of 5 short days we sampled what Winnipeg has to offer, enjoying it immensely!  We:
– saw son Kyle called to the Bar
– shopped at Hudson’s Bay
– played golf on a lynx course
– went to Mass at an aboriginal parrish
– swam at a community centre pool
– met Ashley and her mom, dad and brother
– ate Indian, Mexican, Italian and French food
– went to a Baptist Church Sunday worship
– visited the Human Rights Museum
– went to the Winnipeg Jazz Festival
– went to the Forks park
– walked, walked, walked
– got lost a couple of times
– finally figured out the streets leading out from Portage and Main‎ in a V shape
‎- forgot to eat some perogies
– had a great stay at the Best Western
Winnipeg is the geographic centre of North America.  It is very visibly culturally diverse.‎ Lot’s of newcomers and oldcomers. People here from many different cultures including many indigenous people. Everyone is living the Canadian dream!  Something we too often take for granted as Canadians.  People are quick to smile, laugh and chat.  They are free.  the sun is shining.  The friendliest big town in Canada.
Speaking of culture, the weekend we were there, Garth Brooks played 4 shows, the Winnipeg Symphony played for free in a park, there was a rodeo on‎, the Winnipeg Marathon was run and the TD Jazz Festival was on for free.

Dispelli‎ng the myth, we also did not notice any mosquitoes.  We love Winnipeg in the summer.  Will have to go back in winter to see those Jets play!


National Museum of Human Rights


The Witness Blanket of Residential Schools


The Red River with St. Boniface Cathedral at Back


Manitoba Parliament Buildings


Tribute to Nellie McClung


With friends at St. Kateri Tekawitha Parish


Visiting Kyle and Ashley’s church


At the Jazz Festival


Emptyful Sculpture by Bill Pechet and Chris Pekar by Library

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  1. Loved your account of the Peg and I was there to witness and partake it all. It was truly awesome. M.😄

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