Family Sketches

 Hello Ward/Finnie family member.

In going through my mother’s treasure trove of old files, I have come across some interesting documents, letters and photos.  Rather than throw these things out, it occurred to me that I might capture some sketches of some of our deceased family members based on the documents on hand.  There are photos (lots), wills, birth certificates, letters, cards, school records etc., etc.

Hopefully this will be interesting and of more value than simply creating a family tree.  I suppose I will eventually get around to creating a family tree for the Wards and Finnies unless someone has already done it??

Who knows, this information may inspire a present or future family member to continue to add to our story in future?  The permanency of the web seems the perfect place of repose for these writings.  Of course access to this information will be by invitation only.

I encourage your participation and comments.  Please feel free to comment or correct anything written here.  My hope is not to offend anyone and if so, would you please let me know so I can retract.  I plan to publish these sketches sporadically over the next few months.  You can subscribe to new postings by email at the bottom.  (I hope this works, there may be other ways.)  I will be updating each sketch as I go you you can expect updates for something already written.

If you want any of the documents mentioned or some of the original photos, please do let me know.  Would be joyed to find a good home for some of this valuable family material however keeping it all together is also a good option



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