Great Grandparents – Wards

My mother (Mary Ward Morgan Darling)’s paternal grandparents, (my great grandparents) are:

Samuel Henderson Ward


Jane Frances Hawkins Ward (nee Maxwell)

Samuel Henderson Ward (1846-1938) (Grandpa Ward) and Jane Frances Hawkins Maxwell (Grandma Ward) (1857-1938) were originally from Armagh, Northern Ireland.  They had six sons and one daughter Ann Edythe Ward (1900 – 1970) who never married.  Sons: Sydney (see separate posting to come), Sam, Charles, Frank, Gordon and Edward. All children were apparently born in Montreal.

At the time of his death, Sam Henderson Ward lived at 3421 Grand Boulevard, Montreal and is buried at Mount Royal Cemetery plot B590.  He died Sept 23, 1938 of bronchial pneumonia, at age 92 years.

Jane Frances Hawkins Ward nee Maxwell died on Nov 4, 1938 at age 81 of bronchial pneumonia and is buried at MRC in plot B590.

I don’t recall Mom telling me much about her Ward grandparents. It is not clear why they came to Canada or exactly when.  Samuel must have found good employment in order to have 7 children.  Jane must have been a strong lady for similar reasons. She did talk about her Great Aunt _____ Ward who lived in Chicago. She would have been one of Samuel’s sisters.  Apparently she did not marry and used to motor to Montreal for visits. (Aunt Joan Ward’s recollection.)

Son Sam was married to Ethel.  Frank was married to Dora and they had two sons Gilbert and Sydney.  At Mary Ward’s 1949 wedding, Aunt Dora is listed as providing a gift with no one accompanying her.  Frank also attended and listed a “Florence” as his guest.  Hence they may have divorced or at least separated at sometime. I am not sure when either died.

Charles was married to Jessie Pope and died in 1965, she having predeceased him. They had no children it seems. He was the black sheep of the family according to Aunt Joan Ward. (John) Edward Ward (Eddie) was married to Harriet Stewart and had 3 daughters Margaret, Catherine and Sheila (who died in 1971).  Eddie died in 1982.

Uncle Gordon Ward (b. Feb 7, 1898) lived at 4725 Borden Avenue, Montreal, then 4315 Melrose Ave, Apt. 2 and later at 6220 Sherbrooke Street W..  He had his own company (R. G. K. Ward, Manufacturers Agents, 6100 Monkland Ave.).  He served in the 1st World War. I have his two medals and a letter from his widow Anne.  He was a Mason member of Waverly Lodge No. 82.  I have his Mason ring and a Golden Jubilee pin 1908-1958.  Anne Ward seemed to be called Dolly. They had a daughter named Heather and a disabled son named Henderson who was a ‘ward’ of my Mom’s.  I called him ward Henderson Ward.

Robert Gordon King Ward was a gunner in WW1

Nana’s address book has Frank Ward living at 30 Irene au Claire, Chambly, PQ, (but then crossed out); Syd Ward living at 2 Langevin St. Chambly (Frank’s son), Sam Ward living at 1401 Sherwood Cr, Mt. Royal; Ed Ward living at 7490 Glenwood, Mt. Royal; Henderson Ward (had a mental disability and was the son of Gordon and Anne) P.O. Box 6034, Montreal (but then crossed out); J.E Ward (Eddie) at 26 Heilwood, Clearwater Beach, FL and Edythe Ward at 17 Grenville, Westmount (but then crossed out).  Also a George Bell living in Dundas, ON, who would have been a cousin or Uncle.

Annie Edith Ward: born March 7, 1900.  Died Ste Anne’s Hospital, St Anne de Bellevue, Nov 19, 1970.  Aged 70 years. B590 plot.  But Edith soon spells her name Edythe and was called Aunt Edythe.  On Oct 17, 1923 Annie Edythe Ward graduated from the Montreal General Hospital 3 yr School of Nursing Program.  Her certificate is signed by Herbert Molson a famous Montreal name.  In May 1925, she graduated from McGill University’s School for Graduate Nurses with a Certificate in Supervision in Schools of Nursing.  She must have had a very purposeful career. She was engaged to a doctor for a few years but kept too busy with trips and projects to marry.  Apparently he married her best friend.  She never married and the sisters-in-law never quite approved of her.  Mysterious indeed (Aunt Joan Ward’s recollections.)

I have a Merry Christmas card from Eddie and Harriet Ward sent to Sydney and Mary dated 1915.  I also have a 1968 photo album Eddie took of “Man and His World” in 1968. Eddie must have lived to a ripe old age.

Below is the famous Ward family photo on which this research is based.  I would say it was taken in 1924 or so.  Just about everyone is in it.  However two of Sam`s sons are not married yet: Frank and Gordon (or at least their spouses were not present).  Grandpa Ward (Samuel) likely took the picture as he is not in it. I am hoping Aunt Joan can help confirm all this.

My best guesses left to right: Eddie, Gordon, Harriet, Mary, young Mary (my mom), Edythe, Jessie, young Charles (CK), Gilbert (or young Sydney)?, Charles, Grandma Ward (Jane), Dora, Ethel, Sam Sr (or Jr)?, Frank and Sydney.
Jane Francis Hawkins Ward with son Sydney.  What a beautiful smile.
Edythe Ward
Edythe and Aunt Dora Ward (Frank Ward’s wife)
Signed Aunt Edythe 1943 on back
 From Claudia:

Edythe circa 1923

Now to really go back in time.  This is a photo of Jane Maxwell’s (Grandma Ward) mother, hence my Great, Great Grandmother in Ireland circa 1866-67 but it could have been earlier.

Labelled Grandma Maxwell (Pop’s Grandmother)

And here is a photo of Jane Frances Hawkins Maxwell as a girl in Ireland.  She looks about 9 or 10 so this would be about 1866-67.

Labelled Grandma Ward (Pop’s mother)

And another mystery photo with no inscription.  I think it is Jane Frances Hawkins Ward about 1900.  She would have been 43 then.  Photo taken at a Montreal Studio.

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