That was tough today

Covered about 25 km but it was up and down all day and it was hot.

I arrived at the gite d'etape in Golinhac but my bag was not there.

Seemd one truck dropped it off and another picked it up by mistake. I

got it 2 hrs later by taxi.

At one point I got loat and after calling out in front of an open

window, the lady invited me into her house to speak to her. She told

me how to get back on the GR65 and then explained her husband died 3

years ago and she is trying to seel her big house. I guess she was

80+. Wow how many people invite a pure stranger into their home? I

gave her a Canadian flag pin a s atoken of thanks.

I walked most of the day alone but then Met Ingrid from Norway and we

chatted the last 2 hrs.

At 6:15 pm in walks friend Sunny. So we went to the Auberge for

dinner, and sure enough we found Nicole and also John and Claire who

walked 35 km to catch up to us.

We plane to celebrate tomorrow evening in Conques.

None of the Francais avec lesquells J'ai parle, have heard of “The

Way” movie with Martin Sheen. They are most interested.

A demain a Conques. Ultreia!

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