L’esprit du Chemin de St Jacques

Well people walk the St James Way in France for many reasons I am finding out.

There are many francais who take “walking holidays” and stay in the

gites d'etape (pilgrim hostels). There are some who are getting over

an illness or loss and seeking new strength. There are some who like

the freedom of being outdoors, away from city noise and having some

good food.

However some are indeed very spiritual. Today as we came into Aubrac

a little hamlet, there was a statue of Our Lady of Aubrac around which

a group of adolescents were standing. One of them started a prayer and

then they all started singing a few hymns as the cows in the field

gazed on.

For me it was a moving moment to see the young people visibly engaged

in their faith. It was a spiritual signal that I new would come at

some point.

Thanks Lord for all your blessings and mercy.

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