Yoga and the Tequila

We’ve been in Mexico a week now and things are beginning to settle in. There were big crowds for New Years which have since disappated – it’s easy to get a shaded seat at the beach or pool now.

Mexico has officialy entered its 4th wave of the pandemic with Omicron variant cases now rising quickly and hospitals gearing up. You can tell who are the Canadians down here – they’re wearing masks, even on the beach.

Actually Mexicans are very respectful of the rules about wearing masks and physical distancing. The difference here vs Canada is that we are always outside here so feel a lot safer.

There have a been a few minor mishaps. The first is that Marie’s yoga mat was no longer in our storage locker – so we had to go to Walmart to get a new one lol.

The second was a little more disappointing. We did a huge Costco shop the other day to stock up on food and drink. Dave purchased a premium bottle of tequila. The taxi we took home was small so we had groceries stuffed in the front seat as the trunk was full. The prized bottle of tequila was up front for safekeeping. After we got home and unpacked everything, somehow the tequila was missing. Dave forgot to check the front seat and the taxi must have driven off with it lol.
Not to worry. We found ample tequila supply at Walmart and are again enjoying the occasional margurita by the pool!

On a more somber note, Dave’s longest and dearest childhood friend Charles Moore passed away on New Year’s Eve after a long battle with cancer. He will be missed by his many friends for his infectious good humour and constant smile. Condolences to his family.

We are waiting for some of our friends to arrive in the next few days. Some have cancelled but the diehards like us are all coming as usual. That’s it for now, hasta la vista amigos! Stay well!


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2 responses to “Yoga and the Tequila

  1. Al BURSEY

    Lucky Ducks. Wish I was there. Talk later, Cuz Albert, Joanne and clan


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