Eagles Nest

Back behind Calabogie Ski Hill nearby is a series of hiking trails on Manitou Mountain. Recently we hiked to the popular Eagles Nest lookout on a sunny fall day. We took our lunch and hiking poles and headed up from the parking lot which was almost full when we arrived. We had chosen the day spontaneously but carefully, hoping to avoid the large crowd which tends to gather there. It was later in the season this year.

It’s a gentle 30 min hike up a rocky trail. Usually there are families, couples with dogs, groups of young men and women on the trail. We hear many different languages being spoken – the diversity of the people attracted here is truly amazing. Everyone loves the Canadian outdoors, especially when the fall colours are out. This time the trail is much quieter.

Reaching the lookout we begin to hear the familiar voices – kids chattering, teenagers laughing, a babble of different languages. Oh well we too are here and join in admiring the amazing view looking north over the forested hills.

This year we decide not to linger with the crowd but decide to continue farther along the trail. Not too far along we noticed a leafy side trail leading up a small hill. We follow it.

In a few minutes we spot a tranquil pond with an overlooking rock face perched right beside it. Ah, hah, our private lunch destination!

It was so peaceful and quiet there. Truly a magical place. We will be back next year…if we remember where it is and the Gitchie Manitou wills it!


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