Camino 2010 – Climbing to Rabanal del Camino (Day 20)

Today would be a slow climbing day – shown as only 100m vertical on the map above but 250m according to Brierley.  It was uphill  – 24 km to Rabanal.  But first we walked through historic Astorga.

The Romans built the first settlement called Asturica Augusta here in 14 B.C..  During the middle ages it became an important way station for pilgrims on the Camino. By the 15th century its growing significance inspired the rebuilding of the Catedral de Santa Maria de Astorga pictured above, as well as its 3rd century town walls.  We enjoyed passing through and wished we had more time to sightsee.

It was slow steady walking all day.  We stopped every hour and chatted with a few people.  It was sunny, quiet and peaceful. Marie’s feet were healing.

When we got to Rabanal about 2:30 PM we decided to upgrade and checked into La Posada de Gaspar, a guesthouse with private room, bar and restaurant. We had our first bath tub and the maid did our laundry!  We hung our sleeping bags out to air.  Wow, a lovely restful evening followed.

Magnificent stone buildings in Rabanal
Our sleeping bags in second balcony with stork nest top right

We had a nice dinner and then had time to look around Rabanal.  Rabanal has a long history as an important stop on the Camino and prominent town in Leon.  It was revitalized with the help of the Confraternity of St. James in London, a Camino pilgrim support organization.  We have several of their excellent publications and accessories.

We much enjoyed our stay there and so were as ready as we could be for more climbing the next day.


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3 responses to “Camino 2010 – Climbing to Rabanal del Camino (Day 20)

  1. Imagine – 10 years ago. What a beautiful journey you were on then and are on now David and Marie.

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  2. What i see and read i find myself seeing the same style blds,trails and openness.Had to be trying ,daily to keep on going.Kudos to you both.


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