Camino 2010 – Carrion to Terradillos de los Templarios (A peaceful Day 15)

Sarah from Hamburg

Last night in Carrion we had dinner with Kirch and Judith from Holland.  She had a lot of trouble with blisters and we’d seen them several times before.  She would hobble around the alburgue on Kirsch’s arm in the evenings.  We would pass them in the day. He was so patient and caring with her.  She admired Marie’s crocks and bought a pink pair.  An amazing couple.  We also chatted with Peter from Denmark and met Sarah from Hamburg – a waitress who was walking the Camino to decide what she was going to do with the rest of her life.

Just a short note today. We were on Step 17 of our journey and decided to go the full distance – 27 km.  It was flat and somewhat featureless and there were very few services.  Some of our day was walking on the Via Trajana – the old Roman road that connected Spain and France.

By now it was heating up and we had discovered Coke Zero.  So everyday we would stop and treat ourselves to a cold icy Coke Zero.  We stopped in a place called Caldadilla for our daily highlight.  We then decided to take a cab for the last 10 km to Terradillos de los Templarios, a town of 100 residents.

The Knights Templar (Los Templiaros) (or Knights of the temple of Solomon) was a Catholic military order founded in 1118 by French knights who fought in the 1st Crusade.  Their purpose then became to protect the lives of pilgrims on pilgrimage to Jerusalem, following its conquest.  They also went to Spain to protect pilgrims on their way to Santiago – from robbers and murderers.  There was a pilgrim hospital near Terradillos in the XII century under the protection of the Knights Templar.  This is also where, the legend goes, they buried the famous hen that laid the golden egg

Out back of Los Templiaros Alburgue

We had a wonderful stay at this refugio.  They had a great restaurant and good clean accommodations.  We were in a room with 8 bunks and a shared washroom.  The sheep and dogs out the back were a joy to see too.  At dinner we met a lovely couple from Montpelier, France.  Denis was a health lawyer and Aline was a pediatrician. 

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