Ocean Grill Outing

We went on a delightful outing for lunch at the Ocean Grill restaurant in Boca de Tomatlan, a sleepy little fishing village. The map above shows the routing. We took 3 buses to get there taking about 2.5 hours. You may recall last year we had an aborted outing there as they closed the restaurant due to high waves after we had taken all those buses, lol.

Bus on the way back was not as crowded

It was a perfect day – unusually calm and warm sun. We arrived in Boca and met our friends Judy, Bruce and Lisa. Dozens of pelicans were dive bombing for lunch as we enjoyed a Pacifico. Then we boarded a small open motor boat for a short ride around the point to the iconic restaurant.

As we approached the restaurant built solidly on stilts over the water and clinging to a steep hill, we knew we were in a for a good time. We climbed out of the boat and headed up the stairway. We were greeted by a huge friendly dog named Wilson who then promptly went back to sleep.

We were there for the 1 PM seating and the place was already full. We ordered drinks and appetizers. I decided to order a Mexcal cocktail. Mezcal is an iconic Mexican liquor made from a special kind of agave plant that grows in the southern state of Oaxaca. It has a very rich flavour. I enjoyed it and the fruit and seasoned salt lining the rim.

Our appetizers arrived and suddenly a strong tenor voice broke out. A man who had ridden the boat with us was visiting from Argentina and sang his heart out to much appreciation and applause. This is a class place and we were having a great time.

But the fun was just beginning. I noticed that they had pulpo (octopus) on the menu and it was their signature dish. While the others enjoyed delicious ribs, shrimp, beef, I went for the pulpo. It has a delicate taste like mild filet mignon and is not at all rubbery. I ate the whole thing tentacles and all and survived!

We were relaxing after the great lunch when the tenor came over to serenade Lisa. Before calling it a day, we took a group photo and went for a quick swim at the beach.

It was indeed a delightful outing, probably one of the nicest places we have ever been period. Highly recommend the Ocean Grill for lunch if you are ever down this way. Thanks Judy, Bruce and Lisa for another great day! Happy Valentine’s day everyone.


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  1. Looks like a great outing . Great food, Sun and company . Happy Valentines day to you all as well .

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