Golf Fix


Well Dave finally had his golf fix in Mexico.  A friend of Bruce’s, Don is a member at the Vidanta Golf Club here in Nuevo Vallarta.  He invited Dave to play and Marie encouraged him to go.

Vidanta is the largest hotel and resort developer and operator in Mexico and is currently developing a $1.3B US Cirque du Soleil theme park here.  We have been through the huge Vidanta time share resort several times. It is so big, you cannot find your way out and must take multiple shuttle busses just to get around inside.

To get to and from the course, Dave took a Lime scooter.  It’s fun and convenient.  With the app on your phone, you simply unlock, use, park and relock the electric scooter in the place of your choice.  They sit outside our complex and are always readily available.  Neat!



Scooter Dave

Of course Vidanta Golf is very very fancy.  Each group must take a local caddy who advises you distances, hands you your club, cleans them and tells you which side of the hole to put to on the green.  The Nayar course we played is very beautiful with lots of sand and water.  Like Florida, the grass is very hard and dry making for long rolls and tougher putting and chipping.



Garth tees off

The course requires us to drive over the longest golf bridge in the world to get to and from parts of the course.  There is quite a lot of wildlife around including crocodiles, iguanas, many beautiful song birds and blooming Jacaranda trees.




We had a very good time and were completely exhausted at the end due to the heat and strong sun.  Overall. I played not too bad.  Will definitely play again!


Artruro our caddy was great!


With Don, Heather and Bruce

Thanks Don, Heather and Bruce  for arranging this wonderful Mexican golf experience!  Fore!!!

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  1. Living the dream.Congrats. Kevin


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