Baltic Cruise – Days 12-14 – Copenhagen

We say our goodbyes to our friends on the Marina and catch a cab to our hotel … after a 40 min wait. It’s only a 2 star but prices are ‎high in Copenhagen. Our room is not ready so we head out on the longest pedestrian shopping street in the world – the Stroget. We stop for tea and an organ concert and prayers in the Church of the Holy Ghost. I find a nice souvenir tee shirt for $20CDN. As we head back we run into Mr and Mrs Cobb – the couple from Atlanta on our St Petersburg tour. Our room is ready but as there is no lift, we must hoof our heavy bags up 2 floors. We are so fatigued we eat some snacks in our room and sleep for 10 hrs!

We are up and at it after a superb Danish breakfast of fruit, oatmeal, bread and cheeses. We walk 4 km to the iconic Little Mermaid statue‎ via the beautiful Nyhavn canal district with its colourfull houses, boats and outdoor cafes. There are throngs of tourists snapping pictures. We stop for lunch – Danish smorebrod open face sandwiches and Tuborg beer. The sun is out and we are in Copenhagen!

Later we watch Mexico beat Korea in soccer. Mexican players cross themselves whenever they enter the field or score. How wonderful to see this after all the secular experiences we have been having on this trip.

On our last day we go to attend Mass at ‎Sacred Heart of Jesus Church. We arrive an hour early and Mass will be in Danish. We light a candle for baby Morgan our grandson to be and say our prayers. Then we explore Norrebro on foot, a multicultural neighborhood. There are joggers and families biking everywhere. We find Hans Christen Anderson’s and Soren Kirkegaard’s grave sites in Assisstens Cemetery. We take a bus back and rest.

We go for brunch at a Turkish buffet restaurant and it is great. Our voyage is coming to an end. We must pack our bags tonight and head for home tomorrow. It has been a great adventure these past 2 weeks. Thanks for traveling with us!

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