Baltic Cruise Day 3

We say goodbye to Stockholm today but not before we find the liquor store! It was about a 10 min walk from our hotel. We stock up on some wine for the cruise. This was after a breakfast of mackerel, carrot juice, whole grain bread and some cheese and nuts – the so called Nordic diet.

We left the hotel at 12h00 and were lunching on mahi mahi‎ at 13h00 on the Marina. One of the smoothest checkins yet! Oceania let’s you bring on as much wine as you want, so we take advantage of that!

Met an American from Virginia on board who said Trump is pummeling Ameri‎cas’ allies such as Canada with the hope Trudeau will cave in!!! It’s all a negotiation and nobody knows what will happen. The art of the negotiation, hmh.

We cruise out through the beautiful Stockholm Archipelago – thousands of rocky treed islands dotted with cabins and houses. It takes us over 3 hours to reach the Baltic. We wonder how sailors ever found their way to and from Stockholm in ancient times.

We enjoy a surf and turf dinner with our friends followed by a little dancing. My pulled hamstring (from too much golf) is slowly healing. We notice the sunset glow is still on the horizon at midnight, Back to our cabin late we drop off after another great day. We give thanks to God that everything is going so smoothly. Ciau!

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