Friends Reunite


2018 Sanibel-Fort Myers Invitational Mini Putt Championship

Marie and I enjoyed some great times with John and Anita again this season.  John and I met way back in 1969 at U of W in 1st year engineering.  We roomed together for a couple of years and then went our separate ways.  We reconnected at our 40th class reunion and discovered that we were spending winters less than 30 min apart in FL.  Since then, we have gotten together each winter for some fun and to reminisce about the good old days.


John demonstrating his winning style


The grounds of Sanibel

This year their daughter Beth was visiting from Seattle.  The weather was superb so we planned another Mucky Duck sunset experience on Captiva Island.  This time we had to wait well past sunset to get in.



Beth and Anita waiting for our table in the dark


Another great evening together at Mucky Duck

This year we went to a Blue Jays vs. Tampa Bay baseball game up in Port Charlotte.  It was very hot that day and we had great seats.  It is a very nice country like ball park with great hot dowgs!  While the result was close, Jays lost 6-5.




It was another great winter in the sun with you guys.  We plan to get together again soon in Ottawa or Saskatoon.  Thanks for the great memories.  And thanks for all those shells Beth!  Safe trip home and Happy Easter!


Sanibel shells


P.S. This year John reminded me of our first trip to Florida together in 1973.  Friend Rick and I drove my 1970 VW Beetle from Ottawa.  John and Mike (another class mate) drove from Toronto.  The plan was we would meet up at Daytona Beach…  Rick and I drove all night long to Daytona.  After arriving and driving a few miles on the beach we backed into a parking spot with hundreds of other cars around.  About 10 min later along comes John and Mike who just happened to turn in at the right spot and spied us right away.  It was pre-internet serendipity!  We continued on to the Keys for a great sunny stay in our tents.  Here are few scanned pics from that era.

Mike and John 1973

John with Mike, Caffee Gawd!

Rick Casey 1973 (2)

Rick and Mike in the Keys

Volks 1970

My 1970 VW mint


Me in the era





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2 responses to “Friends Reunite

  1. Michael Laplante

    Dave, seeing those pics from our trip to Fla. in 1973 sure brought back some memories. Were we ever hairy and thin, despite the quantities of Bud that we consumed, I guess that caught up to us.

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    • Hey Michael, nice to hear from you. Yes those were the good old days. Now its not the days that are getting old, just our memories. Hope to see you at or before the next reunion.


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