Celebrating Life

Went to my parents grave site the other day. The occasion was‎ the celebration of life in the chapel of a childhood acquaintance who had just passed away. It was good to pay a visit.

I found the grave stone intact and added some flowers and took a photo. I noticed their site‎ was in relatively good shape. Some others had the stone tipping over a bit or the lettering was faded. I contrasted this with the glorious condition of grave sites we saw all across Poland last year.

After this visit I found the grave site of my step father and his first wife nearby and spruced it up a bit too. I‎t felt good to be doing this little duty.

I then went to the Celebration of Life for Craig. I first met him in grade school. He was a tall tough guy then who chased me out of the school yard on the last day of school in 1964 or so.

Craig went on the be a larger than life personality. He was a dreamer who achieved his dreams: founding a unisex hair studio (the first ever in Ottawa); living in the Bahamas on his yacht and then operating a large horse riding farm‎ in the Gatineau. He loved life, his family and the hundreds of friends he collected along the way. We loved him back.

There was a lot of humour‎, memories, wild stories and love expressed. One of the speakers pulled a great prank. While he was speaking, he says excuse me my cell phone is buzzing. He answers the phone in front of us and says “Oh hi Craig, I’m kind of busy right now. OK yeah, I won’t tell that story…fine Craig…thanks see ya soon.”

For a moment we all wondered has Craig staged this whole thing including his death as a prank? Never let the kid in you die‎ was his motto. It was a great celebration and seeing my childhood friends. Thanks for the memories Craig. Never let the kid in you die!

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