HAL Panama Canal – Day 9 – Puerto Limon

Costa Rica looks like a relaxed place as we dock. There are big breakers on the shoreline even though it is a calm day. As we are getting ready for breakfast, the Oceania Regatta pulls in. This is the ship we took to Barcelona in 2010. ‘O’ is a premium line.‎ Later on the Celebrity Detox, oops I mean the Equinox, arrives too.

We wonder off the ship into the tourist market. There are lots of colourful things for sale. There is also very good coffee. We walk through Vargas park and admire the tall palms. We see the huge waves breaking on the rocky shore.

We walk down the teeming streets and rest a moment in the Limon Cathedral. It is a modern design with a tall mitre like tower outside that was built after an earthquake destroyed the old building in 1999. We are in earthquake country.

We stop at a small India store and chat with the owner. He like everyone here is friendly and happy. We continue to the central mercado and stop for an expresso. The owner here is very welcoming and friendly. I buy some shoes in a store from a young man who speaks very good english.

We pick up some coffee and tee shirts in the tourist market and chat with a happy lady. I ask her if everyone is happy here and she says yes, look at the paradise we are living in. She admits some people though are not always so. This is true everywhere I agree.

As we get back on board, 2 locals are playing a wooden looking xylophone. Marie poses with them for a parting picture. Everyone smiles.

We meet a couple from Stewart, FL at dinner. There are no whitecaps but the ship rolls on the big swells all night long This is cruising. Ciau for now.

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