HAL Panama Canal – Day 3 – Sea Day

We generally love sea days. You can kick back with that favorite book in the shade. Dip in the pool and plan for your next port. We slept well and as we arise the ship passes the SE corner of Cuba. As the sun rises, we now officially enter the Caribbean. We do some walking on the promenade deck. This design of ship permits an uninterrupted circuit around which is .5 km.

We go to Mass. There is a Irish priest; there are 40 of us. He does a great job. All Hβ€ŽAL ships have a Catholic priest on board to celebrate Mass primarily for the Filipino crew we believe. Oceania had a weekly inter-faith service. Carnival had nothing. Oceania has other benefits like historical/cultural enrichment lectures. Carnival is like a frat party which we can no longer stomach. Royal Caribbean and Norwegian are also a little too loud for our tastes now too.

We grab some deck chairs in the sun and gaze out at the sea. We meditate about how Jesus and his mother Mary felt as Jesus entered Jerusalem knowing what was going to happen. About noon we pass by the south western peninsula of Haiti – an area that was hit hard by Hurricane Mathew in 2016. Lot’s of sorrow and hope. There are rugged mountains and it rains briefly.

We meet some very gracious staff from Indonesia. We have some delicious shrimp for dinner and go to bed early.


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