Yoga in the Park

One or our favorite activities in Florida is yoga.  Marie attends frequent classes at Yoga Bird Studio about a 10 min drive from our condo.  Dave has been going to weekly outdoor yoga classes at the Alliance for the Arts park nearby.  He got interested in yoga thanks to Marie’s yoga classes at Galilee last fall.

The outdoor yoga class is absolutely fantastic under the apricot trees.  The smell of fresh soaps and BBQ pork wafts over us from the nearby green market stalls.  There is always live music playing in the background.  Chip Woodrow of Yoga Bird does an excellent job of instructing.  He says things like “If you tried it, you did it.”, “It’s your practice.” and “Yoga is not a competitive sport.”  Hence everyone is made to feel welcome no matter what level you are at.  It is a special time of calming, breathing and relaxing your thoughts. After you finish you feel really focused and balanced in your body, mind and spirit.  Dave looks forward to continuing his yoga practice back home.


Yoga practice for Marie and I is a great way to honour our temples; as our bodies are temples of the Holy Spirit.  Marie studied yoga at Yahweh Yoga which is clearly Christian based.  This is what we practice.




In the moment, we give God thanks for the gift of yoga.

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