An Outing to Ave Maria

Ave Maria, Florida is a catholic university town established by Tom Monaghan, philanthropist and founder of Dominos’s Pizza.  We had been there before but decided to make the trek again with our friends the Clarke’s.  It is located about 50 km inland from here.


Ave Maria Oratory Catholic Church

The church is the principal attraction.  It is a neo-Gothic design with flying buttresses outside and beautiful structural steel arches inside.


We enjoyed the mass there.  The congregation is very youthful being mostly university students, staff and their families.  There was a wonderful children’s choir in the loft who sang their hearts out.  Pastor Fr. Cory Mayer gave a great homily on being attentive to God’s call.  I was able to pick up a copy of Robert Cardinal Sarah’s God or Nothing in the bookstore.  All in all a great outing!



Beautiful Tabernacle


Crucifix above the altar


Life Sized Apostles with Mary and Joseph

Things have not changed much since our last visit.  There is a golf course, Publix, housing and fountains throughout.  A growing world-famous Catholic community.



With Glenn and Betty Clarke




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