The Book of Mormon


This musical is the delightful story of 2 young Mormon missionaries and their attempt to convert Ugandans to the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.

The true story of the founding of the “all-American” church is told to us. The story is then distorted by one of the missionaries to make it appealing to the Ugandans. It works. They want to be baptized.

However the Regional LDS chief disbands‎ the District of Missionaries when he sees how the ‎true story was vulgarly distorted. Despite this, the converted Ugandans including the local strongman go on to become Mormon missionaries themselves.

The element of youth embracing the faith on their own terms and believing despite counter directives of the hierarchy, is appealing to all ages. So what if some rules are broken – souls are saved!

Not everyone found it funny though as some of the humour is more vulgar or ‎graphic than need be. The man next to me refused to applaud and laughed only rarely. We have met some young Mormons before and found them to be highly engaging, family and fun loving people.

Very clear story line, fantastic live music and singing, great stage props and choreography. Highly entertaining and educational. Highly recommend.‎ 4.5 of 5 stars.


Happy Birthday Marie!


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