Percherons, Clydesdales and Belgians

We attended the 153’d annual Carp Agricultural Fair on the weekend with some friends. We fell in love with the draft horses!


A draft horse is a large horse bread for work. There are several breeds all known for there strength, patience and good temperament.  Used less for farm work these days, they are used for driving carriages, for breeding and for horse show purposes.

There were a quite a number of draft horse competitions.  We saw the 6 hitch horse show competition.  There were 22 entries for a total of 132 horses who came from Quebec, New York and Ontario.  It was an absolutely beautiful show.


We saw 3 breeds in action: Percherons with their strong war like appearance:




Clydesdales with their beautiful pom pommed ankles:


… and palomino-like good looks:


The Belgians took first place this year – such majesty, calmness and affection.



But my favorite remain the percherons – these dark horses break your heart for their gentle obedience, vast strength, fierce pride and showmanship.



There is lot’s more to see at the Carp Fair.


Dog jumping contest


Huge harvester

An assortment of “hit and miss” gasoline motor powered pumps and grinders from long ago.

We also saw Tracey Brown of the former award-winning Family Brown country music group, sing.  We will be sure to bring Wyatt and Jackson our two grandsons next year.  They will love it too!


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2 responses to “Percherons, Clydesdales and Belgians

  1. Karen Smith

    We so enjoyed the day. Let’s make it a tradition.

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  2. For sure Karen. Thanks for including us in the tradition!


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