Day 13 – Paris

Excursion to Versailles
Louis 13 ‎articulates his will in his personal hunting camp called Versailles. Louis 14 at 7 or 8 marvels at the little palace his dad has built in the forest swamp. After an unsuccessful insurrection at the Louvre, young Louis IV says he will built a great palace castle at Versailles to escape the city.  In 1660 he takes over a neigbouring noble’s castle and builds his castle over the next 50 years.

Louis 14 is a musician, an artist, a dancer dies in 1715. His grandson takes over until 1784. 1789 French Revolution, Louis 15 arrested. Versailles becomes a glorious museum to exhibit the splendour of France.‎ Used to be 850 but now down to 120 hectares. We enter on a marble staircase to the hall of assemblies with huge paintings. Then the hall of Hercules a huge vaulted ceiling fresco. Louis XIV attends Mass at least 4 times a day we learn. We move thru a series of rooms from Baroque to Rococo styling. We marvel at the Hall of Mirrors. We learn LIV was oversexed and had a series of health issues. Apparently he rarely bathed and smelt quite bad. Nevertheless he outlived all his children to die in 1715.

LXV liked art and certain women. More modest, he ends up paying the price for his grandfathers’ opulence as the French Revolution breaks out in 1789.

Morrison‎ Hotel
Marie humours me for a visit to the Doors Jim Morrison’s grave site. We find it but not that of Edith Piaf nor Amadio Modigliani. We take the metro back and do some shopping. We take a look in the Notre Dame de Travail church. Inside it is constructed with visible steel columns and arches held together with rivets. It was constructed by the men who built the Eiffel Tower.

We finish with a blow out group dinner in a busy street followed by some dancing to a great RandB group. We stroll an extra block to get one last view of the Eiffel Tower lit at night. Bon soir.

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