Day 7 – Germany Main River

Palace of Catholic Prince Bishops. One of the most magnificent Baroque palaces in Germany. Finished in 1780 after 60 years of work. Burnt out in 1945 but now preserved‎, 340 rooms. Beautiful 750 Sq. Meter fresco vaulted ceiling with images from 4 continents.‎ Stucco worker and Italian painter designed reception room with painted and gold trimmed images on white background – baroque at its best. 400 year old Flemish tapestries e.g., Venetian Carnival. Beautiful mirror room.‎ John Skilton, US Army restores everything after bombing.‎1.5 million litres of wine are made and stored in the palace’s basement caverns.

Wurzburg 140K pop. Roentgen invents x-rays here. Romanesque Bishops Cathedral of St Kilian holds 6000 people.‎ Constucted from 780 to 1946. We wonder down the main street crowded with people and find a pedestrian bridge over the Main River lined with saints.

Rothenburg medieval town. Walked the 400 year old wall, the cobblestone streets and admired the “half-timber” houses. Truly an amazing people place with towers, churches and outdoor cafes. We both found the souvenir shopping good. It was a gorgeous day, we sleep 10 hours!

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