Day 3 – On the Road to Vilnius

We have a long day ahead – an 8 hr. bus trip to Vilnius, Lithuania. The time flies as we chat, nap, sing a bit and watch some beautiful farmland and forests go by.

Lithuania (pop. 3 million) is one of the three small Baltic countries. St. Faustina’s order maintained a number of houses here. It was here where she had many visions of Jesus. The first image of the Divine Mercy was commissioned here.

Lithuania has a long history of being overrun by outsiders but is proudly independent today.  They went on the Euro last year and are suffering the consequences – rising prices, fixed wages. Vilnius (pop. 500,000) the capital is a classy city, well maintained, modern with a huge old town and 60 churches. The patron saint of Lithuania is St. Casimir.

We checked into the Polish Guest House‎ into a large room. After a delicious dinner we head for the old town. First stop is a convent with a Franciscan well with spring water that heals.

We then visit the Shrine of Divine Mercy, a chapel where the original image of Divine Mercy is venerated. This was the only painted image that St. Faustina saw in her short life. ‎Open 24/7, visitors drop in at any time of the day or night to pray and light a candle. We noticed a lot of youth present.

Special intentions were offered at our Mass and candles were lit. Back in our room‎ about 10 PM we reminisce about the long day and drop off to sleep quickly.

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